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Fellkragen Jacke

With Busted, our high-quality faux fur jacket, you become the opposite of invisible.

  • Extraordinary design through various patterns and seams
  • Removable, oversized, cuddly soft vegan fur collar
  • An asymmetrical zipper with two button strips on the front
  • Two smaller belts on the cuffs to adjust the width
  • Two rustproof metal caps at the bottom of the jacket and in the upper area
  • Two large pockets on the front with button closure and colored buttons
  • A longer zipper at the end of the sleeve to adjust the arm width

No animals had to die for the fur collar! We basically use high quality materials to produce the artificial fur in a complex way. Another advantage is the neutral odor. In the case of real fur, in contact with moisture, e.g. if the weather is appropriate, rain can produce an unpleasant odor, which is excluded here.